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Julian Borrero julborre at
Sat Mar 6 13:51:56 GMT 2010


While reading some article in slashdot i've found you guys has launched the
Timelord Project, i was intrigue and checked out the information you made
available(, there you said some "Bug
triage" help is needed, to be sincere, i don't know what bug triage is, but
if you explain me this and if i can do this task i'll give it a try to help
you, also for a brief moment i was in the kde translation team(spanish), so
if you need some help with translation i'll try to be helpful.

Now that i let you know my interest in be helpful to the project i'll share
some background info about me: i have a bachelor's degree in computer
science, i used Ubuntu/Kubuntu regularly but some PulseAudio issues drove me
away and now i use a dual boot setup in my laptop: windows vista/OpenSuse
11.2(hope this don't be a cause to avoid my help ;)), and finally as you can
see english is not my native language, it is spanish, but i try my best to
make my statements clear and somewhat readable.


Julian Andres Borrero  Garzon
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