little list of proposal for maverick from kubuntu italian users

Mandla Mbuli lm.mbuli at
Sat Jun 26 14:22:39 BST 2010


I know this should not be here and I am guessing someone will post sayin that.

I am a Kubuntu user from South Africa and I would also like to see
most if not all the wishes mentioned. I would also like some sort of
mentorship program. I saw it in passing on Arch linux. I would also
like a better brain storm. The current one feels like your idea will
never get implemented which why this was posted here probably. I think
having the developers come up with ideas or say what they are working
on currentl

On 26/06/2010, maggsimo at <maggsimo at> wrote:
> Hi Kubuntu Developers, we are a group of Kubuntu Users come from Ubuntu-it
> forum and we would like share to you what we would like see in Maverick.
> This
> is a little list of proposals. What do you think about?
> Thanks, regards.
> 1) Samba and share folder: In Dolphin, in a folder's menu, the option "Share
> folder" doesn't work because the package "kdenetwork-filesharing" is not
> installed. It's necessary to share folders via Dolpin. The bug is filed in
> launchpad but it's not yet fixed (LP bug #402015, #209873)
> 2) artwork: We are asking for artwork in Kubuntu like other distro have. A
> not
> invasive artwork, in according with the default style of KDE, but at the
> same
> time a brand for Kubuntu. Only simple work:
>     * Kubuntu-Icon for kickoff;
>     * Kubuntu logo in KDE Splash;
>     * Kubuntu Wallpaper branded with Kubuntu logo.
>     * Kubuntu logo in kdm;
> 3) artwork for folder icons in the home directory: The oxygen icons
> "music","video", "documents" and "my pictures" exists and are in the oxygen-
> icons package. Kubuntu doesn't use them by default. It's a good idea to use
> them for a more positive user experience. Those icons are useful to identify
> quickly the contents of the home directory.
> 4) Dragon player is only a video player and it lacks many feautures like
> show
> subtitle. Kaffeine is a multimedia player, it has more important features,
> for
> example dvb tv tuner. If it will be complete for lucid, it's important to
> include it by default.
> And why not the major Open Source media player in the World? I mean....VLC.
> We
> know it's in Universe but there's nothing you can do? About this, the
> political of Kubuntu is sometimes a bit strange, Firefox is not written in
> Qt
> so " you can't add " it in the CD, VLC is in Qt but it's in Universe,
> KPackageKit is in Qt but is not ready (it's never ready, it's not usable and
> has always many bugs) but you added in the CD when synaptic is always the
> best
> for now (but it's in GTK), knetworkmanager is in Qt but it lacks many
> feauture.
> 5) in dolphin, nepomuk's search bar is too large. A small bar is nice.
> 6) video preview in dolphin by default
> 7) add desktop icon (link) in dolphin resources bar
> 8) Many windows have strings cutted, so more care on which dimension windows
> are showed in the default installation
> 9) same above but for the notifications pop up.
> 10) The window dialog where you have to insert your password to run
> applications with root privilege, is always showed minimized in the task
> bar,
> instead of beeing showed in first floor
> 11) An empty plasma folderview doesn't make sense. It shows now Desktop
> folder, but it's empty, if it shows the home folder maybe my mother can
> understand the purpose of plasma foldeview.
> Please consider the purpose of folder view. For istance, it can show
> applications link in Desktop folder or the home directory. But an empty
> folder
> view doesn't mean anything, more, if you don't understand how to populate
> it....remain just a beauty square in your desktop.
> 12) Video preview in dolphin by default, please use ffmpegthumbs, it's in
> kdemultimedia now and it's in Main.

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