little list of proposal for maverick from kubuntu italian users

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Sat Jun 26 11:13:06 BST 2010

Hi Kubuntu Developers, we are a group of Kubuntu Users come from Ubuntu-it 
forum and we would like share to you what we would like see in Maverick. This 
is a little list of proposals. What do you think about? 

Thanks, regards. 

1) Samba and share folder: In Dolphin, in a folder's menu, the option "Share 
folder" doesn't work because the package "kdenetwork-filesharing" is not 
installed. It's necessary to share folders via Dolpin. The bug is filed in 
launchpad but it's not yet fixed (LP bug #402015, #209873) 

2) artwork: We are asking for artwork in Kubuntu like other distro have. A not 
invasive artwork, in according with the default style of KDE, but at the same 
time a brand for Kubuntu. Only simple work:

    * Kubuntu-Icon for kickoff;
    * Kubuntu logo in KDE Splash;
    * Kubuntu Wallpaper branded with Kubuntu logo.
    * Kubuntu logo in kdm; 

3) artwork for folder icons in the home directory: The oxygen icons 
"music","video", "documents" and "my pictures" exists and are in the oxygen-
icons package. Kubuntu doesn't use them by default. It's a good idea to use 
them for a more positive user experience. Those icons are useful to identify 
quickly the contents of the home directory.

4) Dragon player is only a video player and it lacks many feautures like show 
subtitle. Kaffeine is a multimedia player, it has more important features, for 
example dvb tv tuner. If it will be complete for lucid, it's important to 
include it by default. 
And why not the major Open Source media player in the World? I mean....VLC. We 
know it's in Universe but there's nothing you can do? About this, the 
political of Kubuntu is sometimes a bit strange, Firefox is not written in Qt 
so " you can't add " it in the CD, VLC is in Qt but it's in Universe, 
KPackageKit is in Qt but is not ready (it's never ready, it's not usable and 
has always many bugs) but you added in the CD when synaptic is always the best 
for now (but it's in GTK), knetworkmanager is in Qt but it lacks many 

5) in dolphin, nepomuk's search bar is too large. A small bar is nice.

6) video preview in dolphin by default 

7) add desktop icon (link) in dolphin resources bar

8) Many windows have strings cutted, so more care on which dimension windows 
are showed in the default installation

9) same above but for the notifications pop up.

10) The window dialog where you have to insert your password to run 
applications with root privilege, is always showed minimized in the task bar, 
instead of beeing showed in first floor

11) An empty plasma folderview doesn't make sense. It shows now Desktop 
folder, but it's empty, if it shows the home folder maybe my mother can 
understand the purpose of plasma foldeview.
Please consider the purpose of folder view. For istance, it can show 
applications link in Desktop folder or the home directory. But an empty folder 
view doesn't mean anything, more, if you don't understand how to populate 
it....remain just a beauty square in your desktop.

12) Video preview in dolphin by default, please use ffmpegthumbs, it's in 
kdemultimedia now and it's in Main.
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