Kapti, an experimentation on package installation/removal (Mackenzie Morgan)

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> On Sunday, June 06, 2010 2:03:18 am Patrick Dickey wrote:
>> > On 6/5/2010 6:00 AM, kubuntu-devel-request at lists.ubuntu.com wrote:
>>> > > Re: Kapti, an experimentation on package installation/removal
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>>> > >       UI (Tres Finocchiaro)
>> > 
>> > I guess my take on the subject is why don't we try to incorporate the
>> > Ubuntu package manager into Kubuntu?  On older versions of Kubuntu,
>> > KPackageKit wouldn't work properly for me (searching would produce no
>> > results), so I would have to use Synaptic (which would find anything
>> > that I searched for).
>> > 
>> > I realize that KPackageKit comes from KDE, so it will be installed.
>> > But, we should work on a KDE version of the Software Center (or install
>> > the Ubuntu Software Center by default).  This is, of course, assuming
>> > that the Ubuntu Software Center will allow users to install either
>> > Gnome- or KDE- based packages.
> It will allow that, but I think there'd be problems with the large amount of 
> space including GTK and GNOME libraries would take on the CD.
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> moo ------------------------------

Could something be coded in as a first run type of thing, where it
installs the ubuntu software center when they log in for the first time
(or as an update that it downloads during the installation)?

I realize that I'm throwing ideas out here, but unless Gnome is adopting
the Ubuntu Software Center for their upstream Package manager (or at
least the framework behind it), then Kubuntu should create as close to
the same manager as Ubuntu has, so they can incorporate some of the
features (UbuntuOne for ecample) and for cohesion.

Again, these are just my opinions and ideas that I'm throwing out.  I
don't expect them to go much further than this.

Have a great day:)

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