KDE PIM Beta 1 Packages

Rohan Garg rohangarg at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 15 21:36:50 BST 2010

KDE PIM Beta 1 was released a few weeks ago and i was busy preparing
packages for the same.KDE PIM devs have said that the beta 1 release is more
like a Alpha release and will eat your kittens.
Sorry for the long delay,but i was making sure that these packages are up to
proper quality before releasing them.
These are Experimental packages and should only be used if you dont care
about your mail and other things kde pim is responsible for.
Pacakges : https://edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/experimental

Please report any bugs in packaging at bugs.launchpad.net against the
Kubuntu PPA's
Any upstream bugs should go to bugs.kde.org

KDE PIM Beta 2 will be released with KDE SC 4.5 and according to
akonadi+kdepim devs,that should be more usable.Packages should appear in the
same repo,unless Riddell advises otherwise.

Have Fun!!

Rohan Garg
PS : On a side note,i dont really use kdepim,so i gave the maverick packages
a spin,and most of the stuff seems to work flawlessly,apart from a bad cache
strategy that was fixed by ervin today in kde pim trunk.
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