little list of proposal for maverick from kubuntu italian users

Giuseppe Pennisi giupenni78 at
Fri Jul 9 14:07:21 BST 2010

In data venerdì 9 luglio 2010 13:45:05, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> 2) artwork: We are asking for artwork in Kubuntu like other distro
>    have. A not invasive artwork, in according with the default style
>    of KDE, but at the same time a brand for Kubuntu. Only simple work:
> Discussed elsewhere, we like upstream.
Hi Jonathan, I'm one of the Kubuntu User that have writing the email.
I understand your reasons and I'm (we are) happy to use upstream KDE 
artwork, Nuno and Co. do a great work.
But the only thing meaningless (IMHO) is the incoherence between the  
Playmouth theme and KDM\KDE theme.
I think that see two different themes (Playmout -> KDM) during the boot 
procedure is bad and gives an idea of approximation and unprofessional.
If Kubuntu (and I agree) wants have the same KDE artwork, can be a good idea 
to use the same theme (or color scheme) of KDM/KDE also for Playmouth.
I think with this little trick we can make a look very rock and coherent.

> 12) Video preview in dolphin by default, please use ffmpegthumbs, it's
>     in kdemultimedia now and it's in Main.
> Unfortunately ffmpegthumbs depends on libavcodecs which can't go on
> the CD due to software patents.  If it's reliable enough to work we
> should add this to the restricted extras which can be installed.
Is not possible with a system notification like for flash, mp3, etc... ?

> 7) add desktop icon (link) in dolphin resources bar
> 11) An empty plasma folderview doesn't make sense
> These two contradict, if we stop using the Desktop folder on the
> desktop it shouldn't be in the file manager.
Right! But why not use another folder? Example, the Home directory instead 
Desktop ?

Thank you,


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