little list of proposal for maverick from kubuntu italian users

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at
Fri Jul 9 12:45:05 BST 2010

1) Samba and share folder: In Dolphin, in a folder's menu, the option
   "Share folder" doesn't work because the package
   "kdenetwork-filesharing" is not installed. It's necessary to share
   folders via Dolpin. The bug is filed in launchpad but it's not yet
   fixed (LP bug #402015, #209873)

Longstanding KDE issue.  Rodrigo is working on it, see the post to
this list earlier this week

2) artwork: We are asking for artwork in Kubuntu like other distro
   have. A not invasive artwork, in according with the default style
   of KDE, but at the same time a brand for Kubuntu. Only simple work:

Discussed elsewhere, we like upstream.

3) artwork for folder icons in the home directory: The oxygen icons
   "music","video", "documents" and "my pictures" exists and are in
   the oxygen- icons package. Kubuntu doesn't use them by
   default. It's a good idea to use them for a more positive user
   experience. Those icons are useful to identify quickly the contents
   of the home directory.

This needs someone to look into how to implement it.  I think it needs
.directory files in the templates for the folders.

4) Dragon player is only a video player and it lacks many feautures
   like show subtitle. Kaffeine is a multimedia player, it has more
   important features, for example dvb tv tuner. If it will be
   complete for lucid, it's important to include it by default.  And
   why not the major Open Source media player in the World? I
   mean....VLC. We know it's in Universe but there's nothing you can
   do? About this, the political of Kubuntu is sometimes a bit
   strange, Firefox is not written in Qt so " you can't add " it in
   the CD, VLC is in Qt but it's in Universe, KPackageKit is in Qt but
   is not ready (it's never ready, it's not usable and has always many
   bugs) but you added in the CD when synaptic is always the best for
   now (but it's in GTK), knetworkmanager is in Qt but it lacks many

Now that Kaffeine is at 1.0 we should consider using it in 10.10
instead of Dragon.  Anyone tried it lots?

5) in dolphin, nepomuk's search bar is too large. A small bar is nice.

We plan to turn off nepomuk's file indexing by default in 10.10 so we
will probably remove the search bar from dolphin anyway.

12) Video preview in dolphin by default, please use ffmpegthumbs, it's
    in kdemultimedia now and it's in Main.

Unfortunately ffmpegthumbs depends on libavcodecs which can't go on
the CD due to software patents.  If it's reliable enough to work we
should add this to the restricted extras which can be installed.

7) add desktop icon (link) in dolphin resources bar
11) An empty plasma folderview doesn't make sense

These two contradict, if we stop using the Desktop folder on the
desktop it shouldn't be in the file manager.

10) The window dialog where you have to insert your password to run 
applications with root privilege, is always showed minimized in the
task bar, instead of beeing showed in first floor

I'll ask the kwin maintainer about this, it's very strange


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