Kubuntu Tutorials Day Today

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 7 10:03:14 BST 2010

Coming live from Akademy over IRC later today (Finnish today anyway)
is Kubuntu Tutorials Day.

Alan Alpert from Nokia will teach you about Qt Quick and QML. You will
need to download and install Qt Creator binaries before the
tutorial. Qt Creator from the archive is not new enough.

Johan Thelin will give an intro to coding in Qt. Make sure you have Qt
development files and Qt Creator installed: sudo apt-get install
libqt4-dev qtcreator

We also have sessions on Beastie Hunting, Packaging and Merging with
the Ninjas and Kubuntu Maverick. Do join us on #kubuntu-devel from
18:00UTC on Wednesday.

This is a great chance to get into KDE/Qt programming, helping
Kubuntu, or just to learn a bit more about the open source and free
software processes.



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