Saving space for Kubuntu 10.04: Replacing Ktorrent with transmission-qt

Zorael zorael at
Fri Jan 22 01:15:38 GMT 2010

I use KTorrent daily, and my only qualms with it is missing
functionality. It doesn't have a whole lot of registered bugs, but a
considerable list of feature requests
( It's
missing some of the basic functionality that appear obvious after
having used the more-popular Windows torrent managers (uTorrent,
BitComet, et al), which is arguably what it gets compared to.

* No option to append ".part" to incomplete files like Konqueror does (#147599)
* No way to randomize port upon start of app
* Automatic IP filter import broken
* Cannot put finegrained priority on whole torrents, only files in
torrents with plugin (#200004)
* Feature that moves files to a specific directory upon completion
cannot be told to only trigger if file is saved to the default
directory to begin with (#218242)

I'm trying TransmissionQt now and it seems /very/ skeletal. I mean, a
torrent manager is and should be an intelligent and complex beast, and
it cannot be dumbed down to the point where it's simply
"open/save/start/stop/quit" without ceasing to be a manager and
instead devolving into a "torrent downloader". If that's what we want
(downloader), we might as well use KGet with its torrent plugin. At
least then we'd enjoy greater integration than with TransmissionQt,
and it seems to have just shy of the same degree of features as
TransmissionQt does. Though admittedly, there is the CD space issue.


On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 1:17 AM, Tomas Gustavsson <tomplast at> wrote:
> I don't know about you, but I haven't grow too found of Ktorrent, maybe it's
> just that I haven't spent that much time with it. But still I don't see what
> it has that transmission hasn't. Transmission is user friendly (imho) and
> takes less space then Ktorrent (we would save at least 1.8M by replacing
> it). I have checked dependencies but I'm not sure which packages are stored
> on the cd, the dependencies for transmissiont-qt were only from packages in
> main.
> /tomplast
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