Timelord initiative status

Michał Zając michal.zajac at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 13:42:38 GMT 2010

Dnia czwartek 21 stycznia 2010 o 12:04:42 massa napisał(a):
> Guys (specially Harald),
> What is current status of Timelord? I want to help but its hard to
> know what i can do.
> Im a web programmer (specially drupal), qt programmer and im from
> brazil, so i can also work on translations. The point is: what is
> needed EXACTLY?
> I suggest also to maintain a page on kubuntu.org or wiki.k.o with a
> dashboard or similar tool to monitor the current status. Also,
> pointing the owners of each task and tasks without owners (small tasks
> rather then generic project like "Fix translations, through whatever
> means necessary" or "Improve quality assurance.").
> Also, a second round of marketing regarding the initiative would be
> refreshing. People that have put on their TODO list "help Kubuntu"
> will remember about this initiative.
> regards,
> massa

We have a TODO[1] list but I can not say for sure if contains the milestones 
we have set up during the initial stage of Timelord Project.
Maybe we could make something like Kubuntu/Timelord/Todo list for future 
plans, not only the next release?

Michał Zając
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