Timelord initiative status

massa brmassa at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 11:04:42 GMT 2010

Guys (specially Harald),

What is current status of Timelord? I want to help but its hard to
know what i can do.

Im a web programmer (specially drupal), qt programmer and im from
brazil, so i can also work on translations. The point is: what is
needed EXACTLY?

I suggest also to maintain a page on kubuntu.org or wiki.k.o with a
dashboard or similar tool to monitor the current status. Also,
pointing the owners of each task and tasks without owners (small tasks
rather then generic project like "Fix translations, through whatever
means necessary" or "Improve quality assurance.").

Also, a second round of marketing regarding the initiative would be
refreshing. People that have put on their TODO list "help Kubuntu"
will remember about this initiative.



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