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Wed Jan 13 15:52:11 GMT 2010

Am Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2010 16:43:26 schrieb Richard JOHNSON:
> Hey, I am sure we can add a trigger for our bzr commits like we do in KDE.
> In the commit changelog we could add
> "CCMAIL:kubuntu-devel at" or there might be a way to trigger
> it with something like:

That should be fairly easy with BZR plugins, but, since we cannot implement 
this on the server side it would require each dev to have an appropriate 
setup, and you know my POV on that kind of overhead ;)
Though generally I agree that CCMAILing would be useful, even if we create a 
seperate list and direct all core KDE commits to that it still would be good 
to use some kind of CCMAIL tag for all other branches ... like when someone 
does a change to firefox that affects Kubuntu one could use CCMAIL there. That 
of course, as usual, does depend on LP/bzr implementing something for global 

Harald Sitter
Kubuntu Core Developer
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