Packaging Branch Cleanup (was: Lucid Packaging and QA)

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Wed Jan 13 08:15:02 GMT 2010

Am Montag, 11. Januar 2010 00:26:39 schrieb Richard JOHNSON:
> On to packaging. I was attempting to work on some packages for Lucid and
> was going through our exhausting list of branches in ~kubuntu-members.
> Maybe something we can think about is trying to figure out how to clean
> this up and make it easier to view. It would be great if we had just the
> core KDE packages listed somewhere else, possibly ~kubuntu-dev, because
> under ~kubuntu-members, there are more than just the core packages, which
> helps with the confusion a bit.

Well, moving core KDE to kubuntu-dev makes it unpushable for non-devs, which 
in consequence increases the required amount of work to get things from other 
contributors into the archives (i.e. the sponsor needs to care about merging).

This leads to
a) slowed down development (well, a bit at least ;))
b) increased risk of something going wrong

The idea of having everything in kubuntu-members is that everyone who is 
trusted Kubuntu contributor can contribute without too much hassle for the 
sponsor and the contributor alike.

Then again, you are very right that the current list is one big load of 
unprocessable data. IMHO that is however a representatinal issue of LP 
alltogether, that needs to be resolved for more sensible vcs development 
anyway (i.e. what james_w is working on for all of Ubuntu). Ultimately I 
suppose we'd need stronger linking of branches to packages, so that you can go 
like "show me all KDE stuff in main (or the kubuntu package set, for those who 
prefer archive reorganization terminology ;)) with packaging branch owned by 
kubuntu-members", which then would probably be the best approach for main 

I'd be very interested in the thoughts of others on this....
Harald Sitter
Kubuntu Core Developer
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