frustrations w/ KDE 4.4

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Tue Jan 12 03:48:32 GMT 2010

Good evening,

I am currently running the KDE 4.4 RC packages and would like to report some
of the frustrations that I am having with my system...

1.  plasma-desktop does not start automatically:  Every time I login/restart
my computer I am forced to manually start plasma-desktop.  I've noticed that
Lucid does not have this problem.  The problem started w/ KDE 4.4 Beta 2 and
continues in the RC

2.  plasma-desktop crashes continuously:  I don't know exactly what is going
on here but it seems no matter what I am doing plasma-desktop crashes and I
get a friendly notification.  I've noticed this can happen when I am not
doing anything or when I using it pretty heavily.

3.  krunner crashes:  krunner (alt+f2) crashes every other time I launch the
application... it often crashes when I'm trying to launch plasma-desktop to
get started

4.  notifications: For some reason after a restart today my notifications
are taking up almost the entire bottom third of my screen.  for example when
i receive a notification from quassel it takes up the entire taskbar area...

While it seems like quite the improvement, layout wise, usability, etc there
is too much going wrong that a large part of me wishes I could go back to
KDE 4.3 and a fresh install of Kubuntu.

BTW Lucid looks a lot better
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