ksysguard: Renaming of menu option "Renice Process"

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Sat Jan 9 14:52:12 GMT 2010

"Tomas Gustavsson" <tomplast at gmail.com> wrote:

>A couple of days ago I took Kubuntu (Lucid Lynx) out for a spin and played
>around with the preinstalled software. There I found that when you right
>click on a process in ksysguard you have this rather fuzzy option called
>"Renice process". For many of us we know what this means but to a user who
>is new to Linux (and KDE) it wouldn't mean that much to him/her.
>So for usability reasons I argue that it would be a better choice to rename
>the option "Renice process" to "Change process priority" or just "Change
>If you have any other views on this matter, don't hesitate to spit them out
I think this makes sense, but this is not something we would want to carry as a long term Kubuntu patch.  Please file a bug on bugs.kde.org.  

One of the real concerns with changes like this is that they break upstream translations and that's where almost all of ours come from.

Scott K

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