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Fri Jan 8 19:28:38 GMT 2010

On Fri, 8 Jan 2010, Sebastian Kügler wrote:

> On Tuesday 05 January 2010 09:24:18 Yiannis Belias wrote:
>>  Just FYI. There is a new benchmark at phoronix here:
>> m=1 It's Sabayon against Kubuntu, quite interesting.
> Actually, I think it's not quite so interesting. There's not benchmark for "desktop
> interactivity" which we're suffering from with various video drivers, nothing that
> benchmarks Qt's (painting performance), and so on. It's just a couple of games and
> CPU intensive programs (like 7zip). I guess the games differences are due to
> different video driver versions, but they're certainly not very relevant to desktop
> performance (not even compositing).
> I generally find the benchmarks at Phoronix not too interesting, as they're just
> running a bunch of seemingly randomly selected programs and come up with numbers.
> Maybe better than nothing, but to me as a developer, no more than *shrug*.
> IOW, don't put too much value in it.
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Could you post it to Phoronix? You're not alone, many Kubuntu (and 
KDE) users might be interrested in benchmarks like you've said.
I think that at Phoronix they can do many other (better) benchmarks or put 
some more needed tests in Phoronix Test Suite.


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