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Fri Jan 8 12:47:34 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 05 January 2010 09:24:18 Yiannis Belias wrote:
>  Just FYI. There is a new benchmark at phoronix here:
> m=1 It's Sabayon against Kubuntu, quite interesting.

Actually, I think it's not quite so interesting. There's not benchmark for "desktop 
interactivity" which we're suffering from with various video drivers, nothing that 
benchmarks Qt's (painting performance), and so on. It's just a couple of games and 
CPU intensive programs (like 7zip). I guess the games differences are due to 
different video driver versions, but they're certainly not very relevant to desktop 
performance (not even compositing).

I generally find the benchmarks at Phoronix not too interesting, as they're just 
running a bunch of seemingly randomly selected programs and come up with numbers. 
Maybe better than nothing, but to me as a developer, no more than *shrug*.

IOW, don't put too much value in it.
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