Logic error in (4.4b2) Xsetup

Zorael zorael at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 09:46:41 GMT 2010

>> If it could not find AutoLoginEnable=true then show ksplash...
> I believe it was a way to make the KDM
> greeter seem like a part of the startup process, hide the long KDM startup
> delay and after login the splash continues.  KDM is supposed to kill the
> splash screen automatically once it starts.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  I
> don't think autologin requires the spash to be run since it shows the splash
> on its own.

Yeah, as I understand it ksplashx is supposed to kick in if autologin
is enabled, and give the illusion that the (user) desktop is being
loaded earlier than it really is.

To illustrate, and at the peril of falling victim to non-monospace
fonts (copy into yon kwrite);

auto:      ksplashx >           ksplash > desktop
normal:               greeter > ksplash > desktop

The current logic turns it around and only triggers when autologin is
disabled (or technically case-sensitive "not true"). You don't get
ksplashx when autologin is enabled, so its mission (to make X startup
look like it's faster than it is) fails. You do get ksplashx when not
using autologin, making the splash flash for a second before the login
screen pops up.

auto:                           ksplash > desktop
normal:    ksplashx > greeter > ksplash > desktop

If I remove the negating exclamation mark, it behaves as it should.
"If autologin then ksplashx."


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