Kubuntu simple backup tool

TRINGALINVENT at libero.it TRINGALINVENT at libero.it
Wed Feb 10 08:15:42 GMT 2010

One thing I miss in Ubuntu (and Kubuntu) is a simple way to backup files and system configuration... Sometimes my system became unstable cause of packages installed, but I don't remember what is the wrong one, so I don't know what package I exactly have to remove. In Windows there's a system configuration backup tool very useful to solve these problems baking up an old configuration. It doesn't really works well, cause Windows miss a package system, but in Ubuntu this works very well, thanks to dpkg. Anyway, using console maybe a little difficult, expecially for beginners. I realized a simple program with python and Qt4 to make easier backup of files or system configuration. You are totally free to modify this code, and I hope this could be useful for many Ubuntu users. I think it could be a good idea to insert it into system settings (the system settings for KDE and the settings menu for GNOME).

You can download the program here: zorbaproject.uuuq.com/upload/easybackupgui.tar.gz or visit https://launchpad.net/easybackup

to test it simply open a console, enter the folder where you have unpacked the tar, and type "python easybackupgui.py": some features need sudo.

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