revisiting submitting bugs to

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Tue Feb 2 04:34:13 GMT 2010

I think that without a radically larger group of people doing bug triage on KDE packages in. Launchpad, there's little point in asking people to file bugs there.  Realistically,  we already get more bugs than our meager bug triage capacity (hello Jon).

The concerns you raised can also be largely addressed by telling people not to file bugs at all.  I'd pick that over being ignored in Launchpad.  

I've seen more than one person complain about sending bugs to b.k.o, but didn't see any volunteers to do the extra work in. Launchpad triage. 

FWIW, the Debian qt-kde team sends people to b.k.o in a similar way for the same reasons.

Scott K

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