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Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Tue Feb 2 02:51:06 GMT 2010

Recently my buddy Richard posted a question about the policy to submit bugs
directly to and I would like to reopen this discussion as not
the best policy to continue to have.

First off let me lay the groundwork that I understand that running either RC
or Beta versions of KDE can lead to bugs

So now that is out of the way let me lay some examples as to why this is not
the best idea:

1.  Crashes in krunner:  I get a lot of crashes w/ krunner and recently
reported the bug to b.k.o and almost got an immediate response saying it was
a known issue and I needed to upgrade my version of QT to 4.6.1.  My first
question is:  How do I do that to not have this bug?  Second question is
"Why did I bother the KDE guys with a known bug?"  Perhaps not having the
latest version of QT is a Kubuntu bug instead and should have gone to
launchpad for correct triaging?

2.  Duplicate bugs:  I get a lot of crashes for plasama-desktop (on my
laptop) and plasma-desktop (for my netbook) but all of the bugs I report to
b.k.o are marked as duplicates. Don't know exactly if this is a problem with
my searching using Dr. Konqi and the bug reporting tool or these bugs should
also be on LP?

3.  Not having a valid bug report:  I think this might be a bigger reason
then #2.  When a bug report is not deemed as a good/valid bug report there
is nothing else really to do.  Do I have the debug packages installed?  Do i
even know what the debug package is to install?  For some reason I've had
very little issues w/ apport giving me this type of information. So what do
I do?  I stop reporting the bugs cause I don't know how to generate the bug
report.  I've found that if apport does not generate a good enough bug, the
bug triagers on LP remind me gentely via the "Needs Information" status to
help me provide better information.  If we continue to report our bugs to
b.k.o instead of LP, perhaps this tool could be modified to suggest the
correct debug packages to install?

Anyways just some frustrations/thoughts after spending a lot of time

Thanks for listening to my thoughts
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