little list of proposals by kubuntu italian user

maggsimo at maggsimo at
Mon Feb 1 20:33:32 GMT 2010

> "A lot" or "all"?  I'm not saying only one model could be problematic, just
> that it could vary by hardware.

fortunatly, only "a lot" ;)
Indeed, it's possible

> When I plug in a camera, the removable device manager plasmoid pops out of
> the panel and says "Devices recently plugged in:" and lists my camera. 
> Under the camera it'll say how many actions are available for it.  Click
> that, and a window comes up saying "Open with Digikam / Browser folders /
> Do Nothing"  I usually pick "browse folders" and it opens up Dolphin
> already at the camera's mountpoint.

unfortunately i don't have any info by the device manager plasmoid with my  
digital camera (nikon) but, with digikam, i can browse the photos with any 

Simone Maggiani

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