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Mon Feb 1 20:09:30 GMT 2010

On Monday 01 February 2010 3:02:05 pm maggsimo at wrote:
> > > 3) photo and digital kamera: In Kubuntu Karmic, when users try to
> > > connect a digital camera, the automount doesn't start. So users
> > > can't download or browse their photos. Manual mount of the device
> > > or installation of digiKam is necessary to using the digital camera.
> > > Make possible the automount of the digital camera like a removable
> > > storage device without digiKam, or at least digiKam by default into
> > > CD or DVD.
> >
> > Sounds like a problem with your specific camera, as it works for mine. 
> > Or well, it pops up and says that a new device was plugged in, and then I
> > click on the camera in the menu that pops out of the panel and it offers
> > to browse the images.
> thanks for reply
> this is the correct behaviours but, unfortunately, i see a lot of users in
> ubuntu-it forum that have some problem with them digital-camera.
> kde doesn't recognize them but digikam yes
> so i think that it isn't a problem of a specific model of digital camera

"A lot" or "all"?  I'm not saying only one model could be problematic, just 
that it could vary by hardware.  

When I plug in a camera, the removable device manager plasmoid pops out of the 
panel and says "Devices recently plugged in:" and lists my camera.  Under the 
camera it'll say how many actions are available for it.  Click that, and a 
window comes up saying "Open with Digikam / Browser folders / Do Nothing"  I 
usually pick "browse folders" and it opens up Dolphin already at the camera's 

Unfortunately, it doesn't mount until I click on either "browse folders" or 
"digikam" :-/ That means even though I'm going to access it through the CLI I 
still have to let it open up Dolphin or Digikam, so I agree it could be 

Mackenzie Morgan
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