Basket for 10.04

pan shizhu pan.shizhu at
Mon Feb 1 00:52:32 GMT 2010

> I talked to the basket devs and they expect to publish a KDE4 release before
> our feature freeze. They want us to ship the new version, because basket 1.0.3
> is unmaintained now.
> Any thoughts on that? We are preparing an LTS release and Basket 2.0 might
> lack some features. Personally I think we sould really replace any KDE3
> version so that is no point for me.

Doesn't matter if it is KDE3 or not, but we are preparing LTS for
2010-2013 and only the new version of basket will be maintained.

I think we should make sure most applications in the LTS are active
during 2010-2013.

Even if both versions are KDE4 or both versions are KDE3 will still
should choose the version recommended by devs.

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