question on menu in plasma-netbook

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Fri Aug 27 03:06:45 BST 2010

Quick question for the group.  Runing plasma-netbook (and it is finally
stable for me yay) but the question comes form the menu that is located next
to the Search and launch section of the task bar.  While I think it is nice
being there I am finding it a bit frustrating that on certain applications I
can no longer use the keyboard with alt to open up text files.  Example:  In
Kate I can no longer do alt + f + q to quit or any of the other
combinations.  I need to use the ctrl q shortcut to quit, alt + f + o does
not open the window to open a file, I need to use ctrl+O.

While it isnt a big deal, and will just take some getting used to, I am
wondering why the change?  If anyone knows?


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