apologies mis-sent this: problems with rekonq for web browsing

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 01:38:09 BST 2010

I mentioned the other day on #kubuntu-devel I was having problems with
reqonK as a web browser and was asked to describe them.  So here is a post
to the mailing list (I heard a rumor it was going to be the default browser
for Maverick).

1.  Problems with Google Reader:  Often times with Google Reader the entire
feed does not get displayed, I will miss some images, but when opening up
the feed in Firefox or Chrome it displays the entire feed.  Also within
Google Reader the page will often pause or hang even though I am clicking on
the Next button.  Once again I don't have this problem in either Firefox or

2. Speed of the browser:  reqonk is slower then Chrome or Firefox or even
Konqueror all on the same page.  Any ideas there?  CNN.com loads slower on
reqonk than on Firefox or Chrome or Konqueror.

3.  Some flash pages do not load at all, even though I have flash installed.
 Once again same pages load correctly on Chrome, Konqueror, and Firefox.

How can I help make reqonk better?  It seems lighter then Chrome and FF on
my netbook, just soooooooo much slower?

Thanks and hope this helps

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