Request of info concerning packages to translate

Michał Zając michal.zajac at
Wed Aug 18 00:48:30 BST 2010

We no longer translate KDE in Kubuntu due to Launchpad messing up things. If 
you want to translate KDE it would be wise to contact your local translation 
group or create on if it doesn't exist (I seriously doubt that). Kubuntu-docs 
are still translated on Launchpad so you are more welcome to translate them :)

Best regards,

Dnia wtorek, 17 sierpnia 2010 o 22:50:05 Valter Mura napisał(a):
> Hi All.
> my request is very simple and, maybe, obvious for some of you.
> We are starting translating session for the Italian version of Kubuntu
> Maverick and we need some infos concerning packages to translate:
> 1- Is there a list of all KDE packages included in the 10.10 distro?
> 2- Are there differences between the KDE po files and those included in
> Kubuntu? In other words, packages contained in Launchpad are the same of
> the upstream ones? Did you make some merge of some of them?
> 3- Are there Kubuntu-specific po files, excluding the "kubuntu-docs"
> section?
> TIA for the collaboration,

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