Missing cooperation with KDE

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at canonical.com
Tue Aug 10 08:25:52 BST 2010

On 09/08/2010 21:57, Markus Slopianka wrote:
> Hi.
> Is there a reason why Plasma Menu Bar, dbusmenu-qt, Colibri, etc. are not being
> developed in KDE's repo? dbusmenu-qt already is a dependency for SC 4.5 just like
> Akonadi. Why not place it in the same place (kdesupport)? The other parts could be
> placed in Extragear if they are not suitable for the mainline SC -- KDE's Network
> Management is also placed there for now.

* Plasma Menu Bar and Plasma Message Indicator

This is Canonical policy to do all developments on Launchpad. This is
not my preferred solution, but is unlikely to change.

* dbusmenu-qt

Through some interesting twists, dbusmenu-qt ended up being hosted on
Gitorious. I choose Gitorious because it was expected to be the place
where KDE git repositories would be hosted. As we (I) wanted KDE
developers to get involved in this component but still wanted to use a
DVCS, it seemed like the most appropriate solution.

When the time came to introduce dbusmenu-qt as an official dependency, I
asked whether it should get moved to kdesupport and was told Gitorious
was fine. The Gitorious project is owned by the "kde developers" group.
Some KDE developers already have contributed to it.

Note that dbusmenu-qt does not contain any translated string, and I
don't expect this to change.

When KDE move to git.kde.org is completed (at least the move of kdelibs
and kdebase) I intend to move dbusmenu-qt there as well.

* Colibri

Colibri is not a Canonical product. I created it in my spare time and
decided to host it on Gitorious because it was expected to be the place
where KDE git repositories would be hosted as well.

It was not translatable in the past, but I set up the translation
architecture for it starting with version 0.2.0. It is not hooked to
kdesvn translations. I asked during Akademy whether it was still a good
idea to hook my project to kdesvn translations from Gitorious, given
that KDE was moving away from it, but was told I should wait until
git.kde.org is ready.


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