Missing cooperation with KDE

Markus Slopianka markus.s at kdemail.net
Mon Aug 9 21:18:46 BST 2010

Thanks for your reply.

On Monday 09 August 2010 22:05:42 Scott Kitterman wrote:
> The
Plasma Menu Bar requires Qt patches that can't go upstream until Qt
> 4.8, so it's not
suitable for upstream KDE right now.  We've already
> discussed with Plasma developers
the plan for integrating when the Qt
> changes are upstreamed (this has also already
been discussed upstream).

As I'm "just" a translator, I'm obviously not involved with
all groups within KDE, but given the premise I'd say the Menu Bar is still suitable for
"Playground". Lying there is enough for being part of the translation system.

> I
don't think there's any requirement that all support libraries like
> dbusmenu-qt need
to reside in kdesupport.

Not requirement, but IMO it would be nicer.


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