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Emanuel Sprung emanuel at
Mon Aug 9 07:37:27 BST 2010

Am 09.08.2010, 05:09 Uhr, schrieb Mackenzie Morgan <macoafi at>:

> On Sunday, August 08, 2010 09:47:29 pm Yuval Levy wrote:
>> On August 8, 2010 01:22:33 am Jussi Schultink wrote:
>> > > using *simple* _formatting_ ist most efficient for getting a message
>> > > across, and if something more graphic is required, attach it.
>> >
>> > No, it isnt IMHO. This is just like having a conversation, different
>> > people use different words, but also different tones of voice, and
>> > different volume levels. Formating your text and adding markers to
>> > convey tones, or emphasis is a good thing.
>> I never said it was a bad *thing*.  I only said HTML formatting was a  
>> bad
>> *default*.  This discussion is about defaults, not about limiting  
>> options.
>> If you want you can already now go and change the default to HTML
>> formatting in Kmail.
> Uh, isn't this a discussion about the default for *viewing* emails that  
> you
> *receive*?

My approach after reading this discussion would be the following:

Let be text email the default in the initial settings of Kmail. It's safe
   from the beginning.

Then, either let there be a "configure" dialog, if the user opens Kmail
the first time,
which shows the user the options of the Mail format.

Or the other method could be an "Option-Bar" which appears if the user
receives when he clicks on a HTML-Mail first (Firefox "Remember Password"
alike). On the Option-Bar, the user
gets buttons: "Show always HTML-Mails" "Show never HTML-Mails" "Leave it
like it is, don't ask me again" and "I'm not sure, what's what?"

The same thing could be applied to the "Create Mail" thing.

Just my 2 cent.


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