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>  this "extension" has contributed to the
> destruction of email by spam and malaware.
I think I speak for most email users by saying, yes, HTML formatted emails
have gotten out of hand.  Not only from spam and malware, but also from
my religious aunt Peggy.  On the flip side however, email stands for
"Electronic Mail".  If normal mail allows aunt Peggy to send a customized
Jesus letter head, why shouldn't she expect the same from an electronic

Some countries actually have communication acts that make it unlawful for
translators to strip emotion or content from conversation.  I know the US
Postal Office wouldn't allow the modification of a message.  Fortunately
email isn't yet regulated to that level in my country so Gmail will block
those "tracker" images that were mentioned earlier in the conversation.

For enough users, color is not a choice.  whether they are color-blind or
> they
> otherwise need high-contrast or low-contrast environments, HTML is a
> nightmare
> for them.

Replace the word "enough" with "the vast majority" and then you have an
argument.  Until then, (respectively) please use the command-line pine
application.  (Which is NOT included in Kubuntu by default).  Rich text is
no longer an optional feature, its how people communicate.  If stripping
some tags improves security and/or usability then the arguments are founded,
but to rid of it completely is naive and WILL cause end-users to stop using
the product, as I've illustrated in the previous email with poor Kopete

In regards to speed-reading fixed-font emails, you may be correct.  I don't
even know how to speed-read, but I'd like to add that I'm reading your email
in Gmail's default Sans Serif variable width font without any issues.


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