Alpha software and 9.10

Andreev Sergei seajey.serg at
Tue Sep 29 21:24:05 BST 2009

> The live CD has to come with all the default applications the default
> installation has, so it's pretty necessary. The live CD is like a preview
>  of what will be on the installed system.

Assuming that you can install OS from LiveCD, so after successful installation   
you immediately have possibility to  burn CD/DVD even without internet 
connection to install proper tool. 
So it is important to have such burning tool (k3b-kde3 or k3b-kde4).

BTW Mandriva 2010 will have k3b-kde4 AFAIR.

> My computer has two disk drives, so in theory I could use it on the Live
>  CD. But maybe it could be set to not show up in the menu on the Live CD so
>  that people don't try to go removing the LiveCD from the computer? (This
>  really is a separate issue, though)

Even if you badly want to eject disk you simply could not do it :) 
(Maybe only when loading whole livecd to RAM ...)

So some explanation of this fact would be useful. 

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