Alpha software and 9.10

Jonathan Thomas echidnaman at
Tue Sep 29 21:04:20 BST 2009

On Tuesday 29 September 2009 03:54:32 pm Andreev Sergei wrote:
> > K3b I'm a bit less dead-set about. Currently it is at 1.66 (alpha 2 of
> > 2.0 I guess) and from what I and a few others have seen, burns things
> > quite fine. There have been a few crash reports against the KDE4
> > version[2] (I count 4) Upstream also seems to have died after alpha 2 was
> > released, which was almost 4 months ago[3]. Do we want to revert to a
> > KDE3 version? Harald Sitter and I agreed that polling our userbase in
> > regards to this would be a good idea, but we also both lamented that we
> > don't really have a good way to go about this...
> BTW, does inclusion of CD-burning tool on LiveCD so necessary?
> Last time I tried to burn some ISO from LiveCD session I could not even to
> replace LiveCD with blank compact disk.
The live CD has to come with all the default applications the default 
installation has, so it's pretty necessary. The live CD is like a preview of 
what will be on the installed system.

My computer has two disk drives, so in theory I could use it on the Live CD. 
But maybe it could be set to not show up in the menu on the Live CD so that 
people don't try to go removing the LiveCD from the computer? (This really is 
a separate issue, though)

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