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Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at canonical.com
Wed Sep 9 10:49:02 BST 2009


As you probably know (at least if you are using KDE4 on a laptop),
Powerdevil shows a notification when you are running out of power and it
is about to suspend/hibernate/shutdown the computer.

This notification provides an action to cancel the suspend process. This
is the only notification I found within KDE which could cause a real
problem when using Ayatana notifications.  Gnome-power-manager used a
similar notification, and the notification was turned into a dialog, the
argument being that the program is about to do something very drastic,
so it is OK to show a dialog in this situation.

I would like to make a similar change in Powerdevil.  I think this
change would be a good idea even when using regular KDE notifications
(there has been some discussion on the subject on kde-core-devel@, with
mixed opinions, but I think it could be upstreamed).  I attached a
mock-up of the dialog I would like to implement.  What do you think
about this?


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