Project Timelord -- Initial consideration

Ralph Janke txwikinger at
Fri Oct 23 14:58:35 BST 2009

Yuriy Kozlov wrote:
> Ralph,
> Any such QA proposals should be directed to the Ubuntu-QA team, who we
> should try to work more closely with.  There have been various
> proposals (and some implementation??) of more automated QA processes
> in Ubuntu.  There are people in the Ubuntu community at least
> nominally working on it and there are Canonical employees working on
> various tools and processes.  There were about as many QA meetings at
> the last UDS as there were Kubuntu ones.  It's important that we all
> benefit from anything either the Kubuntu or Ubuntu community comes up
> with in this area and that Kubuntu takes full advantage of what the
> Ubuntu community comes up with.
> Unfortunately I don't actually have anything concrete to contribute
> here though, just something to think about.
> ~ Yuriy

Hi Yuriy,

thanks for this response. I will certainly look out for this at the UDS 
and will see if there are things that can benefit us in the way you 


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