Project Timelord -- Initial consideration

Alessandro Ghersi alessandro-ghersi at
Wed Oct 21 16:46:41 BST 2009

On Wednesday 21 October 2009 05:12:41 pm Harald Sitter wrote:
> Anyway, I think that knm is a better suited example of why the policy makes
>  no  sense:
> a) I cannot connect to my wifi at home
> b) I cannot connect to the wifi at university
> c) I cannot connect to universities's VPN
> d) All of the above works perfectly fine with nm-applet
> e) Upstream suggested various times that we should use nm-applet at least
>  for  the time being
> So, honest to god, if we had to kick speedcrunch (which is, btw,
>  considerable  bigger than kcalc) and the german translations (incomplete
>  as they are for Kubuntu apps) why did we not look into this more
>  seriously?
> Working network is important one would suppose. 
It seems that we never asked what users do after installation...
The first thing that comes to their mind.
Obviously, they want connect to their network (wifi, vpn and something like)
and they can't do sometimes.
1) They blog about how much kubuntu sucks although it is a good distribution 
because....blah blah blah....
2) Kubuntu dev lose their face
3) We do a bad publicity to kde
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> Harald Sitter
> Kubuntu Core Developer
Alessandro Ghersi

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