KPackageKit translation domain has changed

Jonathan Thomas echidnaman at
Tue Oct 6 17:04:37 BST 2009


This is in regards to bug 425373. It seems that the translation folks are on a 
sprint this week, so I thought that e-mail would be the best way to reach you.

Anyways, in the past KPackagekit used the translation domain of "KPackageKit".

In 0.4.2, it has been changed to use the "kpackagekit" domain. The Rosetta 
templates need to be changed to reflect this.

On the subject, the translation templates for plasma-widget-networkmanagement 
need review, since upstream did some renaming with that recently. (and the 
System Settings module is untranslated) I have not had the chance to see what 
exactly needs done for that yet.

Jonathan Thomas

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