5 kubuntu polish suggestions

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 22:47:35 BST 2009

> 1) If firefox is an option to install from the menu, there should also be a
> pop-up that gives the user an option to make it the default browser in KDE.
> - This will make firefox more intergrated into KDE and make many things work
> better like web-shortcuts and just normal opening of websites.

This is the most natural thing to suggest, I would be surprised if
there _were_not_ a way to make Firefox the default when installing via
the menu option.

> 2) pager set to 1 row(not two) with "display icons" enabled and KDE shortcut
> added to switch desktops left,right as control+alt+left/right. I find this
> looks and works better than the default.

Actually, I would vote to have it set up for a single desktop as
default. Those new to Kubuntu (generally, Windows users) will find it
less troublesome, and those who know that more desktops can be added
will know where to look.

> 5) Controversial suggestion would be having rsibreak installed and set to
> start on boot. I think this a good idea because it makes the OS feel likes its
> more intelligent and looking after you. Although this is quite a "big" change
> I think its a good idea. Those that don't like it could easily just right
> click quit and it doesn't start on boot again.
> - Ensure the icon is also visible so it can be easily exited/viewed if need
> be.

As an RSIbreak user, I know that most of my users would _not_ appreciate this.

Dotan Cohen


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