Rosetta and Upstream

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Sat Nov 7 11:32:49 GMT 2009

What zh_cn upstream thinks of upstreamed rosetta translations:

<markey> gotta paste this (bit long, but worth it)
<markey> 09:12 < CIA-40> nihui * r1046024
messages/trunk/l10n-kde4/zh_CN/messages/extragear-multimedia/ (5
files): (log message trimmed)
<markey> 09:12 < CIA-40> update amarok translation.
<markey> 09:12 < CIA-40> sentence by sentence reviewed by nihui.
<tsimpson> use pastebin?
<markey> 09:12 < CIA-40> No launchpad translation should be committed
kde upstream directly after this amarok stuff.
<markey> 09:12 < CIA-40> Quality is much more over than quantity.
<markey> 09:12 < CIA-40> Contribution is needed and welcomed, but
launchpad ones are just like playground masses, at least now.

For reference:

I suppose you all know by now how that makes me feel :(

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