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Hi all,

El ds 07 de 11 de 2009 a les 12:32 +0100, en/na Harald Sitter va
> What zh_cn upstream thinks of upstreamed rosetta translations:
> For reference:
> I suppose you all know by now how that makes me feel :(

Let's put this into context, after a chat with Aron Xu, who works on
coordinating the Ubuntu Simplified Chinese team (and has also got commit
rights on KDE upstream).

The Ubuntu Simplified Chinese translations team noticed that the Amarok
translation was not complete upstream and that no one was working on it,
so they took the translation from Launchpad, reviewed it and sent it

The translation apparently did not meet the KDE upstream standards,
which is fair enough. In my opinion though, it would have been much
constructive to teach the translators what was wrong or not matching
their guidelines or glossary of terms rather than writing a commit
message which in my oppinion sounds unfair to the work of those
translators doing both the translation and upstreaming.

From my point of view, the Simplified Chinese Ubuntu translators did the
right thing. If there were something to improve, I could only think of
more communication.


P.S. In case they want to add any comments, I'm CC'ing Aron and Lie_Ex,
who have been leading an effort to improve the quality of K/Ubuntu
Simplified Chinese and in my opinion are doing an awesome job at it. 

David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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