k3b for kde4 in kubuntu jaunty?

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Wed May 6 20:48:10 BST 2009

Anthony Mercatante wrote:
> It is unfortunatelly too late by far to get k3b in for jaunty....
> A backport might be considered as soon as karmic dev cycle starts, so
> thanks again for this, it'll help !

A backport would certainly be nice.

And here's another report of k3b and associated packages, all version 
1.65.0~alpha1+svn962070-0ubuntu1~ppa1. I have seen another version 
before with some issues I can't see this time but I didn't find the time 
for a reasonable test with that version.

It seems the issue with the spinning cursor at startup has become worse. 
On the folder view at the left side I select an arbitrary folder except 
my home folder and the I quit k3b. After restarting k3b the cursor is 
spinning until I select my home folder (nothing new) or (this is new to 
me) until I select any folder for a second time. Even after selecting 
the home folder the cursor starts spinning again if I select another 
folder for the first time. However this is not even guaranteed, 
sometimes it doesn't start spinning if I select a folder for the first 

When I want to add a file to a project or if I want to start burning an 
iso image I have to double click on the file name now although I have 
selected single click in the system settings and in the previous 
versions single click was sufficient. I don't know if this is the 
intended behaviour and I don't say it is wrong but it is at least 

I select "More actions..." -> "Burn image ...". Then I select select the 
image file and click the start button to burn the file to a DVD+RW with 
data on it. Then there is a popup window asking if I want to overwrite 
the data. When I select overwrite, the window disappears as expected but 
it immediately appears again. After selecting "overwrite" the second 
time the burning procedure starts. If I use a CD-RW instead, the popup 
window asking if the medium should be erased only appears once.

If I double click an iso file name to burn the file to a DVD+RW, the 
burning procedure is the same as explained in the previous paragraph 
except after successfully burning the image to the medium and closing 
the window with the burn progress info, the "Burn Image" dialog window 
appears again. That doesn't happen if I select "Burn Image ..." from the 

If I start a new data project and double click on a file name of an iso 
file, the popup window asking if I want to add the file to the project 
or burn it as an iso image appears twice.

Appart from these issues, the actual burning procedure worked 
successfully for burning data projects and iso images with and without 
verify to DVD+RW and CD-RW.


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