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Andrew Stromme andrew.stromme at gmail.com
Wed May 6 04:50:00 BST 2009

On Tuesday 05 May 2009 22:04:49 Yuriy Kozlov wrote:
> The network manager plasmoid is a good improvement over knm.  I tested
> both the one in Jaunty and the experimental version.  It works great
> with wired and unsecure wireless, but:
> - hard to tell what network I am connected to.  The fairly log SSID
> gets cut off.
> - secure (WPA2 PEAP MSCHAPv2) doesn't seem to work.  I get the popup
> to set up the connection.  I then get a notification that it's
> connecting, but nothing in the applet actually changes.
> - doesn't save password for secure on live CD
> - when I disconnect from a network, the extended UI still says I'm
> connected Again, I have to use network-manager-gnome to connect to the
> secure network.
> ~ Yuriy

Unfortunately, the version of the nm plasmoid that shipped with jaunty had a 
bug that prevented it from working correctly with most WPA Enterprise 
networks. I'm on one here on a university campus and I feel your pain. The 
good news is that things are improving upstream in kde's svn. With current 
revisions of the plasmoid I'm now able to connect to the WPA + PEAP + MSCHAPv2 
network here which is wonderful. I know there was talk about Kubuntu shipping 
an upgraded version of the nm applet, but it hasn't happened yet (I think 
regression testing is going on).

Andrew Stromme

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