Upgraded to Jaunty

Yuriy Kozlov yuriy-kozlov at kubuntu.org
Wed May 6 03:04:49 BST 2009

Hi all,

I just finally upgraded to Jaunty.  First of all, great job everyone!

First impressions: I like the default layout on the live CD.  I like
the new time zone selector.

Zoom out/activities finally work nicely in plasma.  It would be nice
to have some default activities there though so you don't just see a
checkered background.

Partitioner, first option: "Install them side by side, choosing
between them each startup" Install what side by side?  Choose between
what? (mentioned in bug 337502)
Partitioner preview is nice, works smoothly.

KPackageKit is nice, but:
- The history button doesn't give me any useful information. (Bug 371917)
- Search as you type would be nice.
- OK/Apply buttons confusing on updates page.
- Details button disabled while downloading packages. (Bug 342788)
- On the settings page, there are two titles saying "KPackageKit
Settings" but all there is is one button.
- When loading any tab there is a progress bar at the bottom and
something saying "finished in xxx seconds".  Finished what?

Locale was properly detected, so I had to change back to a sensible
clock and measurement system ;)

Not related to Kubuntu, but the default GNU screen configuration is neat.

The network manager plasmoid is a good improvement over knm.  I tested
both the one in Jaunty and the experimental version.  It works great
with wired and unsecure wireless, but:
- hard to tell what network I am connected to.  The fairly log SSID
gets cut off.
- secure (WPA2 PEAP MSCHAPv2) doesn't seem to work.  I get the popup
to set up the connection.  I then get a notification that it's
connecting, but nothing in the applet actually changes.
- doesn't save password for secure on live CD
- when I disconnect from a network, the extended UI still says I'm connected
Again, I have to use network-manager-gnome to connect to the secure network.

~ Yuriy

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