network manager testing

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Sun May 3 15:57:54 BST 2009


In order to archive more coordinated testing on the network manager plasmoid I 
started a wiki page for that.

Every version that gets testing should get a new subpage, the main page should 
always list currently to-be-tested versions at the top.

The subpages consist of various test cases (currently only 2 really usable 
ones, I am not really good at this ;-)) with step-by-step guide and a results 

The table should be maintained in a way that success and fails are grouped 
(best would be to have fails at the very top of each table). If something is 
broken set a X in the broken column eventually add details, for example this 
issue is caused by your driver and not networkmanager, if the bug is also 
present in stock 9.04 package also set a X in the 9.04 column, also add a link 
to the proper bug report in the very last column

So for example:
| Me | x | networkmanager is crap | x | #22203
| Myself | x | crashes plasma while trying to get IP |  | #405129
| I |   |  ponies jumping around on my screen  |  x  |    |

The first 2 would be issues, the last an improvement compared to 9.04.

Every case should have a number to do quick reference in mails etc.
The numbers should be grouped by connection type...
0.x is Ethernet
1.x is Wireless
2.x is VPN

I am not sure if we should add individual cases for wireless with $security or 
just treat them within the same case but just mention it in the details e.g.
| Me | x | WPA2 - networkmanager is crap | x | #22203

a|wen will hopefully get some structure :D
Meanwhile feel free to add test cases, the one who adds most cases gets an 
original apachelogger cookie with super ninjapony powa's :D

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