KDE4 based packages in karmic (pkg-kde-tools)

Andreas Wenning subscriptions at awen.dk
Sat May 2 20:15:39 BST 2009

Hi all

After the release of Lenny in Debian they are starting to adopt KDE4 and KDE4-
based versions of packages in unstable now; and we're trying to stream-line 
collaboration by using the same packaging tools.

In intrepid+jaunty we have largely used kde4.mk from CDBS. For karmic we will 
use pkg-kde-tools instead. This means that all new and current packages on 
update should transition to pkg-kde-tools.

If you care for a KDE4(-based) application, please help by changing it to use 
pkg-kde-tools when a new upstream version is uploaded. If the (KDE4-version) 
of the package is in Debian you should hopefully be able to do that by a 

The two methods are largely compatible, so changing from kde4.mk to pkg-kde-
tools will in the simplest case be possible by:
1. In debian/rules change /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/kde4.mk to
2. Add pkg-kde-tools to build-depends.

Both for main and universe; please don't accept any new packages or any new 
upstream versions of packages using kde4.mk .

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