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Go for it, nixternal!

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On Sunday 29 March 2009 00:33:10 Richard A. Johnson wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I am giving a pretty big talk next week at an open source conference here
> in Chicago. My talk is going to be about Kubuntu this year. Last year I
> introduced everyone there to KDE 4 and actually had to contend with Maddog
> giving a talk at the same time. Seems people were more interested in KDE 4
> though, and even Maddog came in for a quick listen :)
> Well this year, I want to have a little fun with my talk so what I would
> like is for you Kubuntu Ninjas to send a picture of yourself, preferably a
> fun/funny one. You know, being silly, being yourself. The sooner I have
> these the better. Just send them to me off-list so we don't flood this
> super high traffic mailing list :p
> Thanks all!
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