upgrade from intrepid 8.10 w/ backports enabled to Jaunty

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 13:49:47 GMT 2009

Good morning

Last night I took the plunge and did the upgrade-manager -d from the konsole 
and was informed of a new development release.  Took the plunge and this 
morning I found myself running the brand new beta of Kubuntu 9.04.  No real 
problems on the upgrade.  Found myself not having a couple of programs 
installed that I used in Intrepid, need to figure that out.

One question is with Amarok as to where are the podcasts that I had subscribed 
to in Intrepid?  I can't seem to find them in Amarok 2. 

Also one frustration I have with every release is that KDE applications and 
terms like Kubuntu are not in the dictionary

Otherwise no complaints

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