Some Kubuntu translations love

Arne Goetje arne.goetje at
Tue Jun 30 15:42:00 BST 2009

OK, here is the list of templates we currently have in Launchpad for the
 Karmic cycle. The templates are inherited from previous releases. I
have filtered the complete list for those packages, which I believe are
related to Kubuntu particularly. If anything is missing, please let me know.

The following templates are in the Needs Review queue, so we would need
to know if they are new templates or if they have been moved or renamed
from other source packages or templates. Basically, what to do with them?

source_pkg	translation_domain
phonon	phonon_gstreamer
kdeartwork	hacks	(kscreensaver/kxsconfig/hacks.pot)
kde-style-qtcurve	qtcurve
kde-style-qtcurve	desktop_kde-style-qtcurve
kcm-gtk	kcm_gtk
kcm-gtk	desktop_kcm-gtk
plasma-widget-networkmanagement	plasma_applet_networkmanagement
plasma-widget-networkmanagement	libknmui
plasma-widget-networkmanagement	kcm_networkmanagement
plasma-widget-networkmanagement	kded_knetworkmanager
plasma-widget-networkmanagement	networkmanagement_openvpnui
plasma-widget-networkmanagement	networkmanagement_vpncui
plasma-widget-networkmanagement	desktop_plasma-widget-networkmanagement


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