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Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Tue Jun 30 17:29:58 BST 2009

On Dienstag, 30. Juni 2009 16:42:00 Arne Goetje wrote:
> The following templates are in the Needs Review queue, so we would need
> to know if they are new templates or if they have been moved or renamed
> from other source packages or templates. Basically, what to do with them?
> source_pkg	translation_domain
> ==================================
> phonon	phonon_gstreamer

> kdeartwork	hacks	(kscreensaver/kxsconfig/hacks.pot)
that file should not be imported at all (see 
... it gets "copied" as kxsconfig.pot)
Jonathan Riddell should probably take a look at it, since he created the 
interals of the POT gathering.

> kde-style-qtcurve	qtcurve
> kde-style-qtcurve	desktop_kde-style-qtcurve
> kcm-gtk	kcm_gtk
> kcm-gtk	desktop_kcm-gtk
Jonathan Thomas should know about those.

> plasma-widget-networkmanagement	plasma_applet_networkmanagement
renamed from plasma_applet_networkmanager
> plasma-widget-networkmanagement	libknmui
new (copied from plasma_applet_networkmanagement according to orphans)
> plasma-widget-networkmanagement	kcm_networkmanagement
renamed from kcm_knetworkmanager
> plasma-widget-networkmanagement	kded_knetworkmanager
> plasma-widget-networkmanagement	networkmanagement_openvpnui
> plasma-widget-networkmanagement	networkmanagement_vpncui
> plasma-widget-networkmanagement	desktop_plasma-widget-networkmanagement
probably renamed from desktop_plasma-widget-networkmanager? not sure about 
that one, the tempalte should have been there before so, only the name change 
to networkmanagement would trigger it show up :)

All the new files for networkmanager are actually splitted parts of 
plasma_applet_networkmanager, don't know if you need to treat that case 
different .
Also, please note that the package was renamed from plasma-widget-network-
manager to plasma-widget-networkmanagement.

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