Guidance porting to KDE 4

Nicolas Ternisien nicolas.ternisien at
Mon Jul 27 22:34:58 BST 2009

Hi all,

> One important thing which is missing from the list is PolicyKit integration
> using polkit-qt. Bindings for this are in KDE 4.3, and adding it to
> userconfig shouldn't be too hard.

You are right, this could be really interesting and will improve the
super-administrator rights integration in the KDE administration

>> The 3 things that Userconfig are missing:
>> - Being available and developed from the KDE SVN
>> ( I don't know
>> if you took the job made here to continue the porting effort?
>> - Integration with Samba
>> - Integration with LDAP
> Does anyone know if these features are used? (or even work correctly?) Are
> any distros shipping with kuser as their default account admin tool?

I think the problem is not whether it is used or not but instead : why
replacing a tool with another one that does not implement the previous
features (even, if, you are right, they are not often used - probably
because they are actually absolutely not intuitive). If people used
the KUser features, it could be hard to explain why we remove an
old-but-working tool and replace it with something better, that
however misses some important points. More over, the context is also
good, because we have more than 5 months before the next KDE 4.4
release, so implementing those things should not be too hard (if
someone is interested in doing this, of course! ;-)

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